Thursday, April 29, 2010

Symbols that Lead the Way

It is always my intention to learn from my art experience. A direct hit occurred yesterday. I'd finished up these drawings from "10,000 Lives" earlier in the day. That evening my husband and I were discussing a huge shadow of uncertainty that loomed in our immediate past and future. We've been trying to put a healthy spin on what has the potential for being a black monster of suppression. Then I remembered the middle drawing, above. I brought it out, marveling that this drawing, reading from left to right, representing the idea of a life, had a solution: Build from what is put before you, no matter how formless the chunk of clay might be.
Thank you, David Hays, whoever you are... 30 years after this card was last used as a contact vehicle.

Blissful Unawareness

"Lovers and Leavers"
Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to clean up someone else's mess? Stephanie said it was her gift to the street to clean up the debris while she walked to work. I did not realize the major impact of her efforts until she moved away.

This was drawn around Earth Day, but of course, on my calendar that whittles it down to any one day out of 365. (The image you see right now is about the same size as the original. If you click on it you'll see what I see when I wear magnifying glasses to draw it.)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

"10,000 Lives" Project

Every day I spend time with at least ten people through a communication system that is at least 30 years out of service.

What if the Sea Dries Up?

"Generosity Goes Fishing"

Drawing on the Imagination for Salvation

Floating along on a wave of change that we have no control over is a daunting experience. My life support system has always included a sense of humor and a thorough examination of the perils ~ real or imagined. What becomes difficult is when ones own life support might be dangerous for others of different philosophies floating alongside in the same storm. "Change As A Bouquet" emerged out of experiencing this entanglement.