Book: 900 Lives of Vision

Welcome to the world, book!

These are the 900 drawings and the story behind them
that eventually inspired the cartoons in my cartoon blog
The images in the book are not cartoons...
Well, maybe they are. Silent cartoons.
You get to write the captions!

These 900 drawings are based on a mysterious black box
I found over 30 years ago. It was/is filled with index cards
labeled with people and addresses from all over the US.
Who are these people? Why were they in the box?
Where are they now? And how have they all been living
for the past 30 years, in sync with one another.
My drawings explore this idea.

For anyone interested in this book it comes with
a personalized drawing made specifically for you
from a theme you select.

If you would like to order a book and a drawing,
email me your request and include
a theme from your life that intrigues you.
Examples: music, gardening, writing, architecture,
dance, singing, sailing, surfing, counting money,
eating chocolates, pogo stick hopping.
After I create your drawing I'll attach it
to the inside back of your book,
in a removable envelope.
In this way you become a member of the
mysterious 900 Lives of Vision Club.

The charge for book and personalized drawing is $81.
That sounds like a lot for a book,
but how many personalized drawings
have you bought recently for that amount of money?
Cracks me up the different ways we can think about things.
My contact:
ltoldi at earthlink dot net

This book is all about thinking creatively.
If you prefer to live inside a conventional box,
secure inside the lines of traditional thought,
this book may not be for you...
But then, you wouldn't be here, would you,
if you were inside such a box.