Sunday, February 27, 2011

900 Lives of Vision ~ Now a Book!

Welcome to the world, Book.

I'll be sending out a tiny original lifeline drawing
with each book ordered.
The drawing will be a new drawing
that is linked to a theme from your life.

If you would like to order a book and a drawing,
email me your request
and include a theme about life that intrigues you.
Examples: music, gardening, writing, architecture,
dance, singing, sailing, travel, etc.
I will then create for you a personalized drawing
to go with your book.

For those of you who do not send in a theme:
I'll include a drawing of my own inspiration.

The charge for book and drawing is $81
(plus tax and shipping if applicable.)
(This offer for a limited time only.)

My contact:
Put L next to Toldi and snug it up to the symbol for "at"
and then add earthlink period net. (That is 20 digits total.)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Inside of Portraiture

The Portrait of a Cat

A woman sits at her breakfast table enjoying the early sun. A sudden movement in the bush attracts her attention. Out of the concealing shrubbery steps a beautiful calico cat, slinking through the woman's garden with a sense of curiosity and possessiveness that the woman immediately recognizes as the innate qualities of all felines. She admires the fur, the color, the stealth. She wonders where the cat will go next. She has a choice. She can follow this cat on four soft moving, stealth paws of her own (and in doing so take on the grace, beauty, and elegance of feline as well as the rapid fresh meat breath and slanted, calculating eye), or the woman can stay seated at her warm breakfast table enjoying the rest of her cereal and, oh, look! Such lovely birds are now flying overhead. Robins have one of the most melodious of spring songs, she recalls. Perhaps she is hearing a song now.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CONTROL Can Be Achieved?

"View from Above"

Looking over the edge is never easy and quite a lonely experience. I am pleased whenever I find fellow travelers who are brave enough to stand by my side a moment and gaze with me upon the beauty that can be found over the edge (if one just uses the right flash light, spot light, magnifying glass, six pairs of rose colored glasses(?) to see... and holds on tight to that rope we have wrapped around our middles and attached back to that oak tree behind us, which is attached to the rock back behind that, which is attached to the hill and then to the mountain behind there....)

This painting is in the CONTROL show at:

Ceres Gallery,
547 West 27th, Suite 201.
New York, NY. 10001
February 1-26, 2011.
The reception is February 10, 6-9 pm.

CONTROL is an exhibition of artwork by members of west coast chapters of Women's Caucus for Art. For more information about WCA check out