Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Enveloped in Richness

The Poet, Yon

Every now and then we come across a person who puts into the space more than she takes. Even when she sits quietly, listening, she is at the peak of generosity. When you and I see a flower, she sees a poem. She is a poem. There's nothing superfluous about her.

I don't see Yon often, and so it was slightly difficult to draw this "lifeline" for Yon, as it had to be created from a great distance. I did my "hone in on the sense of Yon" best, packaged up the drawing, and sent it off.

I just recently had the pleasure of Yon's company, and was relieved to feel I got her drawing within a close vicinity of the truth. Sitting and looking at her from a distance you'll see the soft beauty, and sitting close up (click on the image) you'll see that every line in her being folds in and out of riches of slightly obscure meaning, all honed from deep thought and experience. She has been writing for many years, and I see that her world is now leaning towards a more expansive full flower of expression. Her most recent publication is an e-book: "The Sultan's Cook."