Saturday, June 22, 2013

Traveling Around the World and Inside a Pot

I seem to be traveling in my paintings. In recent pieces I have met a Geisha, a Cossack, a Frenchman, an Englishman, a Roman, a Greek, an Arab and of course, many Americans. Time traveling, too, since the Frenchman looks suspiciously similar to Napoleon.

In between searching for bugs in my potted plants and meeting up with the characters in my paintings, I come across quite a few exciting adventures.

Search, play and caring for others create the most positive vibes in our human bodies. (Animals, too? Dog? Cat? Ant?) Lucky am I to be able to achieve these three happy brain producers/juicers through my daily activities.

Outside my home the lay gardener, waiting for his daily job to begin, searches for our morning meeting, waving with a playful twinkle in his eye because even though he knows he and we are not friends, our morning ritual wave is a way of showing that he cares that we care that we both wave friendly hellos in the morning. That Search, play, care thing can be found anywhere! Which is the premise I take at the beginning of every piece of art I do: I will search for human meaning in the paint because it is fun and because I really do care about keeping up the smiling front, and maybe finding the smile goes fathoms deep as well. It is either to have this attitude or toss up ones moth eaten boots in despair, because truthfully, life can be rather hellish, yes? Now then, off I go to chase down baby caterpillars feasting on the baby buds of geraniums. Nature in all its brutality, right there in a flower pot.