Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When Disaster Strikes

"15 Dream Makers"
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Sometimes life takes us on adventures we'd prefer not to travel. These little drawings are about the courage we find within ourselves to get through rough times and to reclaim dreams lost. Somehow we have to turn what is difficult into something that is transcending. It takes a certain mind set, and it can take months, even years to achieve. It is absolutely doable.

I drew these the first day I learned my home town was on fire. Many of my friends have lost their beloved homes with nothing but their lives and a vehicle to drive out in. If you are interested in helping those devastated, here's a link with information.

In order to reclaim lost dreams it helps to find within oneself:
(Reading left to right)

1)    Unconditional love.
2)    Inner balance through concentration.
3)    Trust in the lessons from your ancestors.
4)    The ability to climb towards breathing fresh, clean air.
5)    A trust that you can soar with your own inner strength.
6)    Your own unique triangles of experiential insight and strength.
7)    Creative energy.
8)    Your personal spiritual holy grail.
9)    Your own unique key to answering the question.
10)  The light that is reflected in the glass that is holding the liquid.
11)  Community support.
12)  The relaxing atmospheric thought of meditation. 
13)  Your connection with nature.
14)  The knowledge that every deep hole is full of insight.
15)  Your personal magic.