Sunday, February 27, 2011

900 Lives of Vision ~ Now a Book!

Welcome to the world, Book.

I'll be sending out a tiny original lifeline drawing
with each book ordered.
The drawing will be a new drawing
that is linked to a theme from your life.

If you would like to order a book and a drawing,
email me your request
and include a theme about life that intrigues you.
Examples: music, gardening, writing, architecture,
dance, singing, sailing, travel, etc.
I will then create for you a personalized drawing
to go with your book.

For those of you who do not send in a theme:
I'll include a drawing of my own inspiration.

The charge for book and drawing is $81
(plus tax and shipping if applicable.)
(This offer for a limited time only.)

My contact:
Put L next to Toldi and snug it up to the symbol for "at"
and then add earthlink period net. (That is 20 digits total.)