Sunday, March 20, 2011

Experimenting with Drawing Personalized Lifelines

Here is a quick drawing I did in support of Scott, who is looking for a job. The descriptors given to me for Scott are as follows. I have no idea whether the image that appeared on the paper is close to the spirit of Scott, but I did have a lot of fun imagining him taking on the world in this manner. As always, I did not preplan the drawing, so what came out is what came out. Go Scott!

Loving father of 2 daughters, scuba diver, boater, walks the dog,
drinks quality scotch, watches high action films, eats meat,
campaigns for progressive politics, dances, parties with friends,
listens to the Blues, is methodical, is a high energy type,
is kind and compassionate, is an in-charge type.
Looks stiff on the outside, is super silly and fun loving inside.
Can cry without embarrassment.
Loving husband.