Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quirky Little Lifelines, Personalized as Best I Can

The "900 Lives of Vision" book ended up costing a lot to produce, so this means it is expensive to buy. To even out the exchange value-wise, I have added a personalized drawing to each book ordered. These are Lifelines that revolve around a theme (or two or three) about the new book owner's life. This links the new owner to the stories within the book. Here are just a few of the designs I've created in the past two weeks. My new supply of books should arrive soon, and the drawing with book combo will be delivered to the new owners. This is a very fun project for me. I truly hope the receivers enjoy what arrives on their doorstep, because I'm having a blast. 

(To read drawings, start on the left with the birth of the individual, and read to the right as they grow through youth and onwards into an abstractly biographical perspective of their life.)

Paula, the Adventuress, what an imagination she has. 
And so much courage! 

 The high fly of the solo line of jazz guitarist Danny Caron. 
I can not do the emotional complexity of his line justice, 
but if you imagine these lines popping out on top of 
a lower register of great jazz & blues & a bit of the wild beat in life, 
you'll get what I'm cleanly trying to drive at.

 Imagine the bounty of stories this person has told throughout life. 
He's now in his 90's and relishes exploring 
all types of thoughts each day of his life.

After I drew this, but before she saw this, 
she said she liked things tall and thin. 
She showed me a new lamp she had just bought that was 
made of long metal lines and jewels attached to the ends.
It is very difficult to get these tiny portraits right, 
and I am so relieved when the drawing
ends up feeling right to the new owner.