Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jazz Pad

"The Master and the Music"

I have a very high respect for the music world, where one artist plays in harmonic communication with another, each bringing unique gifts to the table that together create something more wonderful than the singular thoughts by themselves.

What I love about the jazz world is the musicians can't praise each other enough! If I ever feel like the world is ungrateful, all I do is turn on jazz radio and hope for an interview with a musician. I'm soon feelin' the Love!

The visual art scene is far more solitary in expression, and it's not common practice to provide a soapbox at a gallery to coax the artists into naming their inspirations. Many times I have wished I could get out of my constantly info-receiving head long enough to call out the names of my heroes. 

When I started this blog it was because curious minds who lived far from me wanted to see my art. I therefore have kept the images all my own. But I am delighted to see now that this blogging has opened a door to that shout out I have been craving.

Today I'm thinking about Tara who is someone who grew up with my husband's family, and thusly had not been a close influence on the development of my life. And yet, two years ago Tara "saved my life" more than once by just walking in the door and gifting us with her personal expression. What an inspiration.

The drawing above is in honor of the "music" she played that soothed my sideways world back then. So, in a way, with her doing her thing, and me now doing my thing in response to her thing, we are actually making music together... just from a distance and over time. 

This is how art works. Influences that matter go deep, and there is no telling when the music will bubble up. But it will.