Friday, July 29, 2011

Painting in the Door

I've discovered the best place to paint on a sunny day is sitting in the doorway of my new cave-like art studio. I like the indirect interior light, but it is a bit gloomy, although perfect for black/white drawing. It is not so great for cheerful color work. So my first painting experience here has been me sitting in the doorway with my back to the passing summer camp children, my easel inside and slightly to the right. This will work for vertical and smaller work, but horizontals will have to be inside the cave.

It's humorous to hear the sounds of young kids and moms/dads coming closer and closer down the walk, chatting away, and then all of a sudden... silence. If the silence lasts long enough I figure someone is interested, so I turn around and smile. Yesterday I saw the most beautiful blue eyes on a young boy, as he beamed at me with curiosity and wonder. Another child immediately dropped her eyes and pulled out of my sight line. She reminded me of me, so long ago: taking in so much right brain material she couldn't handle left brain conversation.