Thursday, January 10, 2013

Balance Reality?

I finish a lot of my paintings off balance. I do this consciously. Looking at the small image of the painting above it appears that the right side of the "m" shape is not complete. This is the first impression one gets when one views the painting from a long distance away.

As one gets closer, the image begins to unfold into distinct smaller forms and the viewer can begin to make out the content.

When right up next to the painting the content becomes whatever the viewer reads into it, informed by the sense that things are off balance.

My art, no matter how "far out" is always about life, and lack of balance is just one more aspect of it. The viewer has to read the painting to find resolution. It is there. It just takes work. And that is the secret: the audience has the possibility of going from an unbalanced state into a balanced state, while searching through the painting (life).