Friday, January 4, 2013

Perception ~ Chicken or the Egg?

("King of the City" detail)

How far detached from the work is the artist who describes the inside of humanity, not just the surface rush and glitter? I am asking this about all art forms ~ literary, visual, musical, etc. When do we decide an artist is detached when the storyline is clearly entangled in drama?

Another question: How much conceptual knowledge is the audience bringing to the viewing of the art?

History tells us that artists have argued endlessly about how their own techniques and philosophies are the "right way." I have met artists who insist they have the answer.

Aside from technique, the creation of art is basically observation defined by personal experience, effort, and varying types of intellect. The experience of viewing and perceiving art is defined by the same.

A very long time ago I saw a skit where the question was asked, "Why is that man standing there?" Why do we create art? Why do we look at art? Why do we want to know why?

The artist never really finds the answer because reality continues to shift. We scamper onwards, postulating and gesticulating wildly, hoping for some slight settling of the dust... a moment to stand still, just for a second.

Oh look, there! A flutter of wings, a hint of a chirp?... a song? What is ...? ... must catch ......