Monday, April 1, 2013

Artful Mechanics and Everyday Visions

Clearly it's up to us to take note of what we see, to connect the dots. I often think of life as being in the shape of a beaded necklace, with each bead being a moment of transcendent clarity.

I am reading Muriel Barbery's "The Elegance of the Hedgehog". The protagonist keeps a journal and describes flow in writing, where body mechanics take over consciousness and some type of miracle of inner bliss and awareness arises.

"The lines gradually become their own demiurges and, like some witless yet miraculous participant, I witness the birth on paper of sentences that have eluded my will and appear in spite of me on the sheet, teaching me something that I neither knew nor thought I might want to know. This painless birth, like an unsolicited proof, gives me untold pleasure, and with neither toil nor certainty but the joy of frank astonishment I follow the pen that is guiding and supporting me... In this way, in the full proof and texture of my self, I accede to a self-forgetfulness that borders on ecstasy, to savor the blissful calm of my watching consciousness."

I read this and of course stopped to ponder the idea. Heady optimism. I looked up and out the window, intent on reaching more clarity, and there before me is a sharply brilliant rainbow arching over the houses and trees across the way. Huh? And then, directly under the rainbow, two preschool kids come running out of a house, chortling in pleasure.

This world offers so many beads of thought. What I do with what I see is up to me, but these beads I am choosing to string together on my necklace, they fascinate me.