Sunday, April 28, 2013

Open Studio is Just That... open attitude about visual response.

My studio will be open the weekend of May 4 & 5 from 11 to 5.

This is my opportunity to see strangers and friends interacting with a few of the visual thoughts I spew out all year long.

I learn so much from people's reactions. Any type of reaction is marvelous, no matter how critical or confused or blissfully delighted. Every time a person actually looks closely at what I do (this takes effort, as you know) I feel a tingling pleasure that we are communicating. We may not agree with one/another, we may not understand one/another, or we may be in great accord with one/another. The essential purpose of my art is to stimulate thoughts about life. So when a person has the patience to look closely at my work and responds with a raised eyebrow... well, that tickles me gizzard, that does.

...And when the visitor wants to talk to me about their reactions, that is the cherry on top.

(Above, "Bird Cherry Love" is one of my cartoons harvested from a drawing. I keep wondering what the second cherry-head will be thinking once it takes its turn on top.)