Monday, August 8, 2011

Seeing Bliss in Simplicity

Holiday at the Beach

A few of my early ancestors landed in America in 1712 and founded, with others, a town called Paradise in Pennsylvania. They lived in log houses with straw roofs.

As a child I lived in a tiny country cabin (5 people, one bedroom), and I called my home "paradise" as well. It helped that nature surrounded us on almost all sides. We rarely played in doors, except to draw.

Then I grew up and I now see that others feel my old home is paradise... a holiday paradise. These people rent the cabin for a weekend and come back year after year. It feels good to think of all the children who are looking at the knotholes on the wood walls of my old bedroom and maybe seeing the fairies and goblins that I saw as a child. I wonder if the crayon markings are still on the walls...

The holiday scene above depicts the nearby town where I went to high school.