Friday, August 12, 2011

Wake Up Call

Every now and then we get a bit of a shock.
I recently caught a chicken bug.
World be warned: chicken bugs and mankind to not mix well.
Itty bitty chicken bugs like to live in itty bitty drops of chicken juice.
Even the tiniest drop is an attack jet for the little critters.

One of those dive bombers hit me hard and fast.
I did mighty battle with the tiny bug and learned this:
Illness and stress don't mix.
Bugs love stress! They are fortified by stress!
Party time in De Stress Lounge!

Doctor's orders: Lose the stress!
So that is what I've been up to.
Learning how to lose stress.
I'm learning all about vitamins and breathing.
Beats not breathing.

It seems to be working.
For one, I'm not worried about how the painting I've been working on will turn out.
I already have a bunch of pint-sized critics telling me it is "way cool!"
So what that they think the nun is a walrus...
Maybe nuns do look like walruses!
I'm supposed to make friends with my inner child.
Seems like I am on track...