Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chasing After Beauty...

Ok, so I saw the most beautiful face in the world.
Now what do I do with it?

Time keeps flipping over the cards.
Sometimes they face up beauty.
Sometimes they face up all that negative stuff.

This is why I draw and paint endlessly.
There is way too much to think about
and if I capture a bit of it I can bury it somewhere
and then move on.

This means the beauty gets buried, too.
But as I said yesterday, the beauty is hopefully influencing its surroundings inside the whole.

I'm a great one for finding beauty anywhere at anytime.
Years ago Toby Covich, an art student two years older than me, made what looked like clay turds for his senior project. My mind recalls them draped delicately all over a boat.
Those turds were almost beautiful...
Well, humorous, anyway.
The main humor being that I would actually make myself think turds were beautiful.
I never forgot that lesson.
With TC's td's in mind, for years I've been finding beauty in everything.

What honest-to-G brilliance that guy had... and what a crack up that I fell for it!