Saturday, February 23, 2013

Playing Outside the Box

This piece is on exhibit at Sanchez Art Center, right alongside
my January 13 posted image, another small pen and ink. 
Down the hall is the large installation piece mentioned in my most recent post.

Earlier this month exhibition organizer Tanya Lin Jaffe encouraged artists to bring in more than one piece of art, the gallery being such a large space, so I created this drawing specifically for the show theme ("Women Who Broke the Rules"). In my mind, we all know where the real fun is and we're breaking rules of normalcy all the time to get there. Creative thought: It's by nature outside the box.

Click on the image to see the true size of the drawing. The digital reproduction makes the lines less delicate than they actually are in person. That's the wonderment of fine ink drawing: the original is always more fascinating than the reproduction. I saw a show of tiny red and black inked lines long ago that I am still remembering, 
years later.
(Red dotted.)

Fluid music was racing through my mind during the days it took me to draw this, and still is. Can I physically play a musical instrument? No. But music is at the core (the spine) of us all. A symbol of the creative spirit we all feel when we do the crazy wonderful things we do.