Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bearly Chaos on Bare

Back in the early '80's I had the pleasure of hearing (second hand from the informed perspective of Beano editor Jonny Whiteside) that the legendary San Francisco tattoo artist D.E.Hardy enjoyed looking at the black/white drawings I did to illustrate "The Wonderful World of Animals" (humorist veterinarian Dr. Frank Miller's syndicated daily newspaper column). I always wondered what it'd be like to design tattoos, but didn't pursue the idea.

Decades later I have received the ultimate compliment. The bear-like mini-chaos painting above has been converted to shades of black by a very talented contemporary tattoo artist, and now graces the body of a vibrant classical musician. The facts that the art has a mobile new home, the design's graphic qualities have been lyrically intensified, and that I'd always wondered what it'd be like to make a mark on someone's life, make me think about movement, music, and chaos in a whole new way.