Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Final View at the Door

Speaking of art going on to a new public, I just got word that "A Final View" has been stimulating a lot of conversation in the welcoming hall of the collector's new home. This acrylic on board is not large at 18"x24", but incorporates so many stories within it that one can spend many long moments chasing down different paths and links of thought. I included a tiny dpi image of this painting earlier in my blog ~ which I realized later was rather useless since nothing important about the piece could be seen except general color and composition. Here it is in a larger form (click on it) that should give a better idea of the complexity of the work. Even at this size many details can not be seen. There are crowds of people that only the near-sighted can see. It helps to have a magnifying glass nearby.

One of my quibbles with online visuals is that the art is not usually reproduced large enough to reveal the intricate dynamics of the work. It's paranoia that keeps us from revealing the whole, and well placed from the point of view of control, but not very generous in spirit. In the case of artists who celebrate detail work, such as me, it is similar to cutting off one's head in order to feed one's belly.