Friday, January 8, 2010

Is an Art Studio a Gallery During Open Studios?

I got in trouble last year with this painting. I sold it within a couple of months of painting it, my condition being that I could keep it in my studio until I felt I'd learned everything I needed to learn from it.

During the time that it hung on my wall our art complex held a few Open Studio events. I was thrilled by the various interpretations people had of this work. We all bring such varying life perspectives to each piece of art we view. In looking back I can now say that this work was pivotal in directing me towards the perspective drawings I have been doing in the past half year.

The trouble came when a visitor wanted to buy the piece. I felt like I was taking candy away from a kid when I had to tell him it wasn't available.

This brought up troubling questions: Is an Art Open Studio merely a selling event? Should all personal items be tucked out of sight in deference of the almighty selling mentality? If not, must one put price or NFS on every piece of visible art? Do many viewers recognize the benefit in visiting a studio that is a working space, not merely a selling space?

I've never thought of my studio as a shopping venue, but maybe I will have to rethink this... at least whenever visitors are present.