Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Richness of Originals

I have bumped up against the predicament of drawing so small that it is difficult to reproduce the archive image of the piece. "Fertile Chaos" is a pen and ink that measures a little under 4 inches in width. The inking is extremely delicate. The scanned version, above, appears much more dense than the original. Herein is illustrated why I love looking at original art, as opposed to duplications of art. The originals have a life to them, a texture, a delicacy, a realness that can not be duplicated.

I just bought a tiny piece of art by Brooklyn artist R. Nicholas Kuszysk. Half the pleasure of viewing this intricate robot drawing/painting is imagining the artist sitting there painstakingly, with perhaps an invisible smile on his face, constructing humor and visual delight from nothing more than board, brush, and pen. This board, this paint, this ink!