Friday, April 15, 2011

I am Lucky; I Have the Present

The Light House

Such a little drawing, above. Who is Chaz? Why have I drawn him so straight and tall and really quite simply? Does this drawing appear thin and light to you? Is there strength, even within the thinness? Why? What complexities of life go into making the shape of a sun person? Can we ever assume that we know the insides of anyone?

I met Chaz decades ago, at a younger time. So much has happened since, and yet, there he is, tall, solid, and full of a sun energy that beams out even onto those who are merely standing near him, not knowing him at all. 

Humans are so complex. How can anyone be described with simplicity? I try to get at an essence of something with these drawings. Our lives do have story lines to follow. So here is Chaz, and the story of his resonance with thought and positive energy, some of which he controls, and some of which is his natural state of being.