Monday, April 18, 2011

Taking the Messy Palette and Transforming It into a Place of Beauty

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have the answers... 
All of them, right now!

Some of us seem to find answers more quickly than others. AC, above, appears to do very well at making his way through the sticky glue/muck/slung mud of life. Perhaps he knows that glue often combines with matter to create beauty; muck might be decay that can fertilize the new; mud is where seeds of poetry can be sewn.

When I was 20 I saw the work of Stephen De Staebler and didn't understand the questions, much less the answers in his work. Ten years later I saw his work again and was floored by my previous lack of connection to the humanity and sense of history expressed... not to mention the elegance of form, texture, and balance that is more often described.

Now I am older than a half century and I am realizing that I just now truly understand the relationship between Henry Moore and Gustav Klimt.

What a cheeky attitude life has of making me wait so long to really get it! And what a delightful hoot that I will continue to play this game of allusions/illusions on into the future!