Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Enlightening Shadows

"Map in Blue, Green, and Orange"

Thinking about how we drift in and out of awareness with others around us, life events, landscapes, even ourselves. 

In the lower left there is an area of fine blue lines on green background. While I drew these I recalled the sailers in the Patrick O'Brian books who fell overboard and often couldn't swim. 

The dog shape on the right feels familiar (as dogs are) but also references sloth-ness, the opposite of bright bouncy devoted dog-ness... contradictions within oneself.

The eyes-wide-open owl and the eagle-like owl, children's books and good/evil, predator/prey.

How does one bridge the gap between the sweetness of life and the cruelty. The whole spectrum exists and therefore is worthy of note. Literature explores in all directions. 

Those sailors Patrick O'Brian referenced, I wonder how many overcame their fear of the water and learned how to swim while in the doldrums.