Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Golden Work as a Distraction

Someone asked me to do something difficult (not work oriented) for them. Kind of like a go-between action. I did my best, knowing I was probably stepping on toes in the process. Afterwords I had to sit with myself, wondering why I do these help/hurt actions for the benefit/non-benefit of others. It would definitely be easier on me to just turn my head and say, "You're on your own."

What does this have to do with art? Nothing really. But it sure did feel good to receive a new request for help from a different friend.  This person is asking me to paint a little image to cheer up someone important to her who is going through chemotherapy. Now that kind of help doesn't hurt anyone at all! And while I'm painting it I can forget about that other sticky business... concentrating instead on what it feels like to be healing inside a cocoon of healthy, friendly vibes. The illness may be painful, but, ahhh, that warm golden glow of loving friendship trumps all.