Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Memory Art

"Mathematics and Memory"

It appears that I am now making a few pieces of art that refer specifically to people and places in my memories, inspired by the recent childhood reunion in Big Sur. I am not sure who will pop up until the popping happens, so it's all news to me.

I recognize the man on the right as David Lindsley, the "bad boy" 6th-grader who constantly got sent out of class for mouthing off to the teacher. My best memory of him was when I was in 4th grade and thought he was the bravest kid in the world, thus the rock solid column metaphor. He will long survive all of our memories even though his earthly self burned bright and out long ago.

That little girl in red might be me but might just as easily not, as I wasn't thinking me-ness when I drew her. Maybe she's "every girl in Big Sur who spent a lot of time watching others". The figure on the left I recognize as being either Carol Hartman or Amy Bommersbach. They are a year younger than me but had a far easier time than I up at the multiplication blackboard.

I also see Hurricane Point (or maybe it's a hill on the Hill Ranch?) The lower water/sand location might be Pheiffer State Beach. The dancers are clearly the free spirit of many a Big Sur soul. Those fisherman? They could be real or just metaphor.

When I started this painting the first thing I saw in the sub-paint was the back of the boy/man's head you see in the center of the painting. He is clearly a main figure but I can't say exactly who he is. I notice that he is almost disappearing, and isn't as concrete as David. He's also both young and old. Metaphor for transitional memories? People who are but aren't but still are?