Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Painting Yellow, Scanning Yellow, Healing Gold

"Cocooned in Healing Light"

Above is the painting I mentioned working on yesterday. I have quite a few friends bundled up like this right now, dealing with tough issues such as cancer and mental illness. They are of all ages, from 25 to 80. We all could use a good hug from time to time from our friends. During these health reality checks that crash in and surprise us with the hardness of life these hugs (physical or spiritual) can be life savers.

If you know someone who is sick and needs a healing bubble of golden light, feel free to take this image off the web and send it to them. Also, if you want an original tiny painting to send to an ill friend, a painting similar to this perhaps, feel free to email me. I create new ones for free, asking only for the price of packing and shipping to get it to you.

So, here's a surge of golden light to spiritually strengthen the fights for health of Franny, Tanya, Tim, and Doc., all fighting cancer situations.