Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Meaning or Not?

One of my favorite contemporary artists, Suejin Chung, you will find linked here.

In Chung's book she says she likes the shapes and colors of the objects she puts in her work, so she paints them. She says there is no psychologically intended meaning.

Part of me sees what she means, realizes that she is enthralled with certain shapes and patterning so much she seems unable to stop painting them. Another part of me wonders if she is playing a game with us. Another part of me wonders if anyone can not see themselves through a psychological consciousness.

Then I remember my dad, who could create wonderful cartoons. He is one of the most psychologically unaware people I know, but still he loves to play with perception of reality, especially through joking with word rearrangement. So perhaps Suejin Chung really is unaware that she is painting more than what she says she is painting. The sound of the tree falling in the forest can be a loud crash to some, and just a whisper of the wind for another.