Saturday, March 16, 2013

What is Going On?

My audience has been curious about this piece. We all came up with a number of possible answers. From my perspective I see a lot of movement, so what ever is happening is clearly not static. Pay attention to the colors. Where is the joyful coloring? Where the grounded coloring? Can you find color combinations that create tension in this piece? Is there a sense of calm anywhere? One guest asked me why the man on the right is clothed and the woman on the left is not. Look at the colors again. If you click on the painting you can see the shapes a bit better.

As a side note, I painted this a few years ago. At the time I was frustrated with one part of the painting. I kept thinking it should be different, but every time I imagined changes I kept leaving it as is. Now, after living a lot of life in the past two years, I completely understand that area and it is right on about what I think I wanted to say back then, and what I know I want to say right now. Funny how one can know something even before we know it. We are always children, always growing up, no matter where we are in life. And that is a big hint about the painting.