Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Structure Within Chaos

"View From Above"

I finished the young adult book I mentioned in my last posting. The last half was just as relevant and satisfying as the first half.

I'm always one for learning something new, anywhere I can. My take away from "Okay For Now" is the technique the author used to structure the story. The world this boy lives in is in complete chaos. The author creates a type of inner thought pattern within the boy that enables this character to deal with the chaos, and us, the readers, to deal with it as well. The writing slows down the action so that we can take it all in, easily.

This is a lesson for life.
This is also a lesson for creating art about chaos.
Slowing down the swirl of chaos enables the viewer to relax enough to take it all in.
Structure, even almost invisible, is structure nevertheless.
The painting above looks quite different from the scratchboard below... or is it?