Sunday, March 24, 2013

Resonating Within

(Red dot skibbling away)

I painted this a few years ago, waiting, waiting for someone to see and embrace it. The other day she walked in and she did. She always does, through the 30 years I've known her. She's an innovator, a visionary, brilliant. She sees with instant clarity. The simple, the complex. Always has. And when she can, she embraces, takes the connection home with her.

Real connection is rare, but when you find it, pause and pay attention. That's were the beauty of life lives.

A second person came in and recognized the following painting. I don't know her personally, but for me to see her connect so deeply (tears!) and so accurately to my vision (she described her feelings out loud, so I could tell she completely got what I was doing with the painting)... ahh, again, the beauty of life at its most rich. (This painting has most of it's wealth in viewing it from a distance of one foot... sorry you can't experience that here. It is part of the point of the painting, that treasure is everywhere you see it... you just have to know how to slow down and pay attention.)

Yes, with these two connections I know I am one lucky giggle-thwort.* It took me years to figure out this paint language, and I know it's somewhat esoteric. I don't expect the general populace to completely relate, but when they do... "Treasure Within."